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The Year 2000 Dilemma in a Nutshell

by John Staunton

Although I believe that the the media has greatly exaggerated the entire Y2K issue, there are some real concerns for both your home and business. The inability of certain computer hardware or software to properly recognize a date with a year greater that "99" could potentially cause problems for computer owners as well as their customers.

Most major corporations, government agencies and public utilities have gone to great lengths to ensure their ability to deliver services beyond January 1, 2000. But is this true of all small businesses? of those from whom you purchase goods or services? of your own PC equipment and programs? While it is doubtful that planes will fall from the sky or that massive power failures will leave us all in the dark, commerce could be affected by computer date-dependent applications that:

  • order inventory based on date (# of days since last order) - particularly true for perishable goods but also includes any consumable supplies, such as prescription medication.
  • place accounts on credit hold based on account aging or generate invoices based on a date range.
  • prompt actions such as to contact a customer or mail a catalog based on a date range.
  • manage disk space by automatically deleting or archiving files that appear not to have been used for a designated period of time.

Those who own computer equipment that performs these functions owe it to themselves and their customers to test for possible Y2K incompatibilities and remediate as needed. Those who depend upon firms that perform these services would be wise to ensure that their vendors are prepared.

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