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Recent Virus Alerts

Bugbear New A new variant of the Bugbear virus, W32/Bugbear.b@MM is a HIGH RISK mass-mailing worm that contains numerous malicious elements, including a keylogger, network share propagator, remote access trojan, polymorphic parasitic file infector and terminator of security software. . [ Scan for this virus now ]

Klez WORM New This W32/Klez variant has the ability to "spoof" the FROM: field in an email message by using an address that was found on the infected user's system. Thus, it may appear that you have received this virus from one person, when it was actually sent from a different user's system. Viewing the entire email header should display the address of the actual sender. User's of Internet Explorer v. 5.1 or 5.5 are particularly vulnerableif they have not installed SP2. [ Scan for this virus now ]

W32/Vote@MM New This virus infects only Windows based computers and is spread via an Email message with an attached file named WTC.EXE. The Email may come from a familiar address and includes the Subject: "Fwd:Peace BeTweeN AmeriCa And IsLaM !" and asks you to cast your vote about the war issue by running the WTC.EXE attachment. [ Scan for this virus now ]

VBS/SST@MM Also called the Anna Kournikova Virus, it was discovered on 2/12/2001 and is spread using the Outlook Email program.  The Email comes with an attached file named AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs. The Email may come from a familiar address and includes the Subject: "Here you have, ;o)" and "Hi: Check This!" in the body.  If run, the AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs script copies itself to the WINDOWS directory, creates a registry key and key values, and then forwards a copy of itself to everyone in your Outlook Email address book.

W32/Navidad This WORM, reported 11/10/2000,  is spread using the Outlook Email program. The email may come from a familiar address and includes an attached file named NAVIDAD.EXE. The virus affects the system tray and will attach itself to any subsequent Email that you send.


This WORM, discovered 9/25/2000, is spread as an Email attachment. The sender is usually "Hahaha [hahaha@sexyfun.net]" and the subject "Snow White and the Seven dwarves" The attachment may have one of several different names, including, but not limited to: atchim.exe, dwarf4you.exe, joke.exe, enano porno.exe,  anpo porn.scr, branca de neve.scr, dunga.scr, midgets.scr, sexy virgin.scr

This variant of the LoveLetter virus, discovered on 5/18/2000 is also spread via an Email attachment. NewLove will try to delete all files on local and network drives and keeps changing its code to avoid detection. The e-mail messages it sends do not have a constant subject field. 

This WORM discovered on 5/4/2000 is delivered via an Email message with the subject "I Love You". There are also several copycat viruses that use subject headings of "Susitikim shi vakara kavos puodukui", "Very Funny", "FW: JOKE". If you receive an Email with these subject headings, DELETE THE MESSAGE IMMEDIATELY.  [ Scan for this virus now ]

9-1-1 Virus
This new Trojan was reported by the FBI on 4/1/2000 (No, it's not an April Fool's joke!). The virus uses open windows file sharing to spread malicious code which wipes out data on hard drives and then uses the PC modem to dial 9-1-1. 

APS Trojan  
This trojan infects Windows 9x systems and is designed to attack AOL client software to determine user account passwords and then attempt to send the info to the author.

This trojan infects Windows 9x systems and is a new variant of the original BackDoor-G, which was first discovered 4/15/99. 

This worm will email itself out when receiving  email via Microsoft Outlook or Netscape Navigator.

Warning! W95.Babylonia
This virus is a complex virus that propagates mainly to other computer users via MIRC

Beware! Worm.ExploreZip(pack)
This worm is a variant of Worm.ExploreZip,  which was discovered in Israel, on Jun 6, 1999.

Danger! W97/Prilissa
10 Fortune 500 companies on three continents have been hit with a new virus called W97/Prilissa

Watch Out For The FunLove Virus 
This virus attacks Windows NT's file security system -- get the details!

Bubbleboy Virus Strikes!
A new type of self-replicating worm spreads via Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.

Melissa Strikes Again The Melissa virus is back!
Find out how to protect your PC with this how-to guide.

Badass Virus Infects Outlook
Badass' bark is far worse than its bite, and the cure is relatively simple.

Data provided courtesy of 911VirusAlert.com and McAfee
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