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Welcome to the world of web site creation! Here are a few tools and resources we have discovered thay may be useful to both novice and veteran webmasters.
Learning HTML
  • WebDesignCourse4u.com
    Offers the first lesson, Learning HTML, for FREE. This is an eBook that will teach you HTML in just a few hours.
HTML Editors
  • EditPlus
    A simple text editor that is color-highlighted for HTML and some programming languages. Great help in providing shortcuts, but keeps in in total control.
  • Allaire Homesite
    A professional edior that provides total control. More features than EditPlus, but also more expensive... We use this one here at Hilltop.
  • Arachnophilia
    We have to admit to never trying this editor, but it is free and may be worth a look...
  • Microsoft FrontPage
    A drag-and-drop website creation program. Although we don't recommend it, Frontpage is very popular because of it' ease of use. It tends to add lots of bloated code and is difficult to edit at the raw HTML level -- necessary because it creates code that doesn't always work well with all browser situations...
Website Design Tips & Tutorials
FTP Programs
Online Hardware & Software Buying
  • Outpost.com
    Has just about everything you need for both PC and Mac, good prices, and FREE Shipping of orders over $100! We ordered a printer here at 5:00PM and had it in our hands the next morning!
Online Payments
  • Charge.com
    Merchant account with no application fee, easy acceptance, good rates...
  • PayPal
    Great online payment system, FREE account, and now accepts International accounts
  • CyberCash
    Good real-time credit card processing, but a rather hefty investment to get started
Small Office Tools
  • eFax.com
    eFax sends and receives faxes via email. No FAX machine required.
  • uReach.com
    Get your own, toll-free number for a modest monthly fee.
  • PaintShop Pro
    Great graphics program for website work...great price too! Highly recommended.
  • PhotoShop
    The standard for professional graphic arts work. Great for website design and print as well. Has some features not available in PaintShop, but for a price.
  • Art Today (Clipart)
    Lots of clipart for free, even more for a price.
  • Eyewire (Photography)
    Great collection of stock, royalty-free, photography. Download single images for $20-$30.
Ezines (Email Newsletters)
  • AddMe!
    Good information concerning website design, promotion and marketing.
  • pspPower
    Great tips for using PaintShop Pro.
  • SitePoint Tribune
    Another good design and promotion type ezine.
CGI Resources & JavaScripts

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