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Known Virus Hoaxes
Updated 6/6/2003

The following list of known hoaxes has been gathered from several sources. However, we cannot guarantee it's completeness. Please note that some hoax messages contain offensive language.

Although a link below may be changed or discontinued, the Hoax likely still exists.
If you receive an Email message referencing any of these subjects, disregard and delete it!
Please do not forward Hoax or "chain letter" Email messages. 
This only encourages the practice.

48 Hours hoax
!000) hoax New!

A.I.D.S (Open: Very Cool) hoax
America Online Year 2000 Update hoax
AOL Badguy hoax
AOL Instant Message hoax
AOL4FREE.COM hoax and A4F-Spoof trojan
ASP hoax

Baby New Year hoax
Bill Gates Email Tracking chain letter hoax
Bloat hoax (aka MP3 hoax)
Blue Moutain Arts (aka Blue Mountain) virus hoax
Bud Frogs warning hoax
Buddylst hoax
Bugglst (Bugs Life) hoax

Cancer chain letter hoax
California (a.k.a. Wobbler)
Cell Phone virus hoax
CellSaver (Celecom Screen Saver) hoax
Christmas Tree warnings hoax
Congress Bill 602P New!

Death69 (aka Death-Blaze) hoax
Deeyenda Maddick hoax
Disneyworld hoax

Easter Comics hoax

FATE3.0 warning hoax
Flashing IM hoax
Francesca chain letter hoax
"Free Pizza" virus hoax
Free Trip to Hawaii hoax
Friends hoax
Frog Blender and Fish warnings hoax

Get more money hoax
Ghost.EXE hoax
Good times hoax

Hacker Riot hoax
Hackingburgh hoax
Hacky B-day hoax
Health Care: Product Warning hoax
"Help a poor dog win a holiday" hoax
Honda hoax New!
"How to give a cat a colonic" hoax

Independence hoax
IDNYSTE$$.FYI Virus hoax

Intel Special Offer hoax
Iraq War Hoax New!
Irina hoax
It takes guts to say Jesus hoax

Jesus hoax
JDBGMGR.exe (AKA Taddy Bear) virus hoax
Join the Club hoax
Join the Crew hoax

KALI (Let's Watch TV) New!

Life is Beautiful Hoax
Londhouse hoax
Lump of Coal New!

Macro virus from Microsoft (Windows 95/Oct 1) hoax
Matra R-440 Crotale April fools joke hoax

MATRIX_99 virus hoax
Meme or Anti-CDA hoax
Microsoft Email Tracking System hoax
Microsoft home page hoax

Microsoft Windows Y2K Hoax New!

Moment of Silence hoax
MP3 Virus hoax (aka Bloat hoax)

Nastyfriend99 Virus hoax
National Bank Chain Letter hoax
NATO Virus hoax
NaughtyRobot hoax
Nokia Screen Saver hoax

Old Navy Gift Card
Osama vs. Bush hoax New!
Open: Very Cool (A.I.D.S.) hoax

Penpal Greetings hoax
Phatntom Menace virus hoaxNew!
PKZIP300 hoax
PK 14 virud hoax
"Please help a poor dog" hoax

Red Alert hoax
Returned or Unable to Deliver hoax

Sandman homepage warning hoax
Sassy virus hoax

Spartan Horse hoax
Spell-Check As A Computer Virus hoax

SULFNBK.EXE hoax The file SULFNBK.EXE is actaully a Windows system file used to read long file names.

Topanga hoax
Turkey Mail warning hoax

Valentine Greeting hoax
Virtual Card for You hoax

Windows 98 Warning hoax
WOBBLER virus hoax
Work virus hoax
WTC Survivor hoax

Y2K Hoax (Microsoft Windows)
Yahoo Security Breach Warning hoax
YUKON3U.mp JPG hoax

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