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About the Hilltop Online Mall

Hilltop Associates is a small New Jersey based company offering computer and Internet services.  We specialize in web development and hosting and have been involved in the research and development of several web portals. Two of our web portal clients wanted to include links to online products, and both were insistent upon associating themselves with only reputable merchants. During the research process, we discovered the growing number of online merchants, resellers and shopping portals as well as the varying levels of quality and customer service they offered.  This is where the idea for the Hilltop Online Mall was born.

The typical online shopper may have dozens, perhaps even hundreds of options for purchasing a particular product.  While there are a number of services that attempt to locate the best price, few pay much attention to quality, delivery and customer service.  Of course, you could always search for online product and vendor reviews. But, these days, who really has the time?  After all, the purpose of Internet shopping is to provide convenience and save time.  So, our mission in building this mall was to create a shopping portal that could quickly lead shoppers to quality stores.

A number of criteria were used in selecting the stores to be included in this mall. Among the top of this list was reputation.  Most of our merchants have a good history of service via "brick & mortar" stores (such as Hallmark) and/or catalog operations (such as Spiegel). Many of our merchants had a presence in New Jersey's The Mall at Short Hills, considered to be among the best on the East coast and a local favorite of ours. One exception is Fogdog.com which was recently recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the Top 10 Shopping Sites on the Web. Top online rating services Gomez and Bizrate both rank Fogdog the #1 Sporting Goods Store Online.

We also looked at the design and user friendliness of their web site. There are a number of reputable book selling operations, for example, but we found Barnes & Noble to offer the best shopping experience.  

Price including shipping was another factor. While all 3 major office supply chains boast good reputations and have web sites, we found that OfficeMax.com was the easiest to navigate and also offers free shipping on any order over $50. CompUSA, a relative newcomer to the mall offers rebates of up to $20 fopr PayPal users.

We welcome your feedback about this mall.  If you have a complaint, compliment about any of our stores, or would like to recommend another store that we may have overlooked, please send us an Email: mall@hilltopassociates.com

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